What do you do when you come across a great Instagram post you want to save?

Take a screenshot? And then how do you find the post in all your pictures?  

ListaPost is the app that finally let’s everyone save their favorite posts from Instagram into custom lists whether they posted it, liked it, follow that person or search via user and/or hashtag. 

F E A T U R E D   L I S T S   &   P O S T S

H O W   I T   W O R K S

Upon verifying your Instagram account there are three main actions of ListaPost...


Easily search and discover... 

 Via Your Instagram Feed
    •    Everyone You Follow
 Via Your Instagram Profile
    •    Posts & Likes
Via Instagram User Search
    •    Public or Who You Follow
Via Instagram Hashtag Search
    •    Trending or Unique Tags


Save virtually any post from... 

All Sections of the App... 
    •    Your Instagram Feed
    •    Your Instagram Profile
    •    Instagram User Search
    •    Instagram Tag Search

And Save by...             
    •    Creating a New List
    •    Adding to an Existing List


   Share with anyone...

    •   Single post via text, email, web
        page and social media
   •   Custom lists with multiple saved
        posts as an embeddable HTML
        page and HTML email.
      Custom lists with multiple saved
        posts as Listagrams on Facebook, 
        Instagram, Twitter and via text.

P R E S S   &   R E V I E W S